Well, I had written a blog post with this title, but time has passed and my browser crashed a few times, and anyway, this is all that is left.  Oops.  I don’t even know what I was referring to.

I am doing well with my ablation.  I didn’t have any discharge for a long time, but then today something was coming out so I put on a pad, only to discover it was really not even needing a pad.  It was like these specks of brown, I guess it’s whatever was left of my lining shedding. They looked kind of funny, like if coarse sand was coming out.  But now it’s back to nothing.  About now is when I would normally get my period.  So far, nothing really! 😀  When I think about it my uterus gets a little crampy, but for the most part its fine.  It’s fine! 😀  I hope I don’t have a period again.  I’m so done with it!

My cousin Deanna has moved in with us for the month.  She’s going to decide where she will go when the month is up.  Next week my friend Josh is coming to stay with us too!

Posey Puppy is doing well.  She’s really smart, she knows what I mean if I say “Go pee.”  This may not sound like much, but it’s a major step.  I used to have a dog who I would say “Do you need to pee?” and he would jump up and go to the backdoor to go pee outside.  Wesley was such a good dog.  But anyway, I am hoping to use this to convince Posey to use the pads or go outside.  Little Mister is terrible about peeing.  I need to whip him into shape.

Little Mister and Posey had an altercation today.  The mail lady came and Mister and Hermione were barking around like usual and Posey got excited, and then suddenly Mister attacked her!  He was all sound and fury, she didn’t actually get bitten, her neck was a little wet.  But she cried and cried and cried.  She was so upset.  I yelled at Mister and picked her up and held her and told her she was okay, and then she mostly was.  Hermione told off Little Mister with some bitchy snarls.  It was over pretty fast.  I’m not sure where everyone is gonna fit in the dog hierarchy when this is over, but Little Mister is not going to be second to a puppy!

Hermione growls at the baby sometimes too, but Posey seems to think she is cute enough to get away with things, and for the most part she does.

I’m missing Mom.  She is out of town doing arty things.  I got artist fees today, so that was awesome.  I can use some of them to pay for my night guard that Aboriginal Affairs and Social Services won’t pay for.  I’m kind of tired, this puppy has been getting me up early.  She has to pee and then I can’t just leave her in my bed or she will pee on it.  So yeah.

Well, blah!  I have nothing else of note to mention!  I’m just hanging around close to home until Mom gets back, keeping the place cleanish.  I almost miss her television habits.  Maybe I should watch Mystery Diners and pretend she is in the next chair.

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