Sober living blues

I did the Winter Challenge today.  I jumped in the snow and made a snow angel, but it was really sticky snow so the wings were very shallow, and my bum made a big dent.

I’m getting the rest of my tattoo tomorrow.  I’m pretty excited, it should be good.  I’m going in at 11am and then it’s gonna be until it gets done.  But realistically I can only do two and a half hours of tattooing before I hit the wall.  It’s been rescheduled two times already because of illness or schedule problems.

My ablation is still fine.  No weirdness.  My period should have come already, but it didn’t come so I’m pretty pleased.  I know there’s no guarantee it’s really gone though, I have to wait until more time has passed.  It’s been 18 days or so since I got it done.  The gynecologist wants to see me in three months to see how it’s going.

Posey puppy is doing good.  She is getting bigger and sweet and is so cuddly.  I think she just went to bed with Mom!  She’s more of a lap dog than Little Mister, Little Mister likes to be in his crate or on his bed in the kitchen.  Sometimes he will sit on my lap, but not for long.

Ah, there’s not much to report.  I might not go on any arty trips this year.  OH! Wait, that is a lie, because I think I am going to Winnipeg for a thing in the future.

I am really wondering about the strength of my sobriety these days.  I keep having dreams about planning then deliberately falling off the wagon.  It’s pretty weird.  I am gonna go to concurrent disorders again this Friday and just listen.  Maybe it will help.  I am wondering if I have hit some kind of sober plateau.  I wonder if I should be working a program like NA.  I mean, it might help.  But the people there.  Ahhhh, maybe I am being judgmental.  Everyone is at different stages of recovery.  I just feel like after racking up a year and a half of sobriety I should be in a different headspace.  Not feeling so fragile.

Anyway, I think maybe meetings would help.  There are NA meetings in my neighborhood on Sundays.  There are NA meetings every night though.  I dunno.

I am getting Tegan and Sara tickets!  I need a date to come with me.  I don’t know who!  I have 106 days to find somebody!

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