Worst Neighbors in the World

I don’t even know the last names of our neighbors, but the annoying boy is named Carl.

Carl is nosey.  Carl asks questions of anyone who goes in or out of our house.  Carl followed one of our house guests to the bus stop and has since decided that this house guest is my boyfriend.  I told Carl I don’t date boys, and then he was like “No!  He’s your boyfriend.”

Last summer one of the girls next door told my mom Carl was an abuser.  We notified child protection but nothing was done, because this family was white or because it was a one off or who knows what.

People who have come to our house suspect that Carl has FAS.  He’s so inappropriate and has shitty social skills.  I really want that family to move away.

Anyway, the whole family pisses me off so much that I had to vent here.  I HATE CARL!  He also runs in front of our car to keep us from going anywhere.  He’s a total dick.  And he’s 15.  He should know better but he doesn’t.  And he doesn’t have any friends, I’ve never seen someone come over to hang out with him.

Anyway, BLAH!  What can you do when your neighbors suck?

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