Two to Three Weeks from a Decision!

I got two emails from Ryerson this week, the first one said my application had been reviewed and was sent to the Program Admissions Committee.  The next one was from the department and said they would be making admission decisions and sending them out in two to three weeks!  So I don’t have too much longer to wait.  Although I admit I just wish I could put myself in a coma until the decision so I’d like, not be sitting around waiting and waiting.  Or a time machine, that would work too.  Anyway, it’s gonna be pretty soon, and then I can make more definite plans about my life, like figuring out the logistics of moving my stuff, two dogs, and me to Toronto.  And finding a place to live, that could be tricky!  And getting money to move everything and every dog and me.

There is also a job I am gonna apply for in Toronto, in case I don’t get into school.  I have the qualifications except I need to learn one thing.  So there’s that.

Not much else is happening.  My ablation is still doing well, or rather, my endometrial lining-less uterus is doing well.  No period so far!

I went to Concurrent Disorders group because I have been having dreams about using.  And I don’t want to use.  I am two months and four days away from having two years clean.  And it was really hard to get to that point, so I don’t want to undo it all.  Anyway, it was helpful for me to see the folks at group.  They are pretty nice.

I went to the openings tonight at AKA and PAVED.  We have Josh Schwebel staying with us in the basement suite, and his show was opening.  It was really good.  I’m crappy at talking about art, so I don’t want to describe it.

I’m really excited for my decision to come in.  I guess two weeks isn’t that long.  Or early April.  Whatever.  I will finally know!  And I’ve been poking around on the site for the program more and it looks like I would get a chance to learn some things I am really interested in.  Which is good since I did apply to that program.  The electives look promising.

I’ve got this sense that something good is gonna happen soon.  I feel pretty happy about the possibilities in my future.

Posey is fitting in well with our house.  She’s a super sweetie.  She is a little too barky of people who have just come into the house though.  Hoping to get her out of that bad habit.  She likes to bite my thumbs when we are getting ready to sleep.  She’s got tiny puppy teeth and it really hurts when she gets you with her molars.  She likes to run with food in her mouth.  And she likes to race around the house with Little Mister, which is good because that’s what I was hoping for when I got her.  She is super bonded to Hermione, which makes me a little sad because I know they are gonna be separated.  But she will probably come home with me for visits sometimes.

The government cut elder care funding for our band, and now our band has rejected the agreement they are supposed to sign, and anyway we are 2000 short on rent for Grandma and Grandpa every month now.  We were hoping to win the lottery tonight to pay for it, because it was some remote faint hope, but it’s totally not happening.  I hope something works out.  The Harper Government can go to hell!!

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