The Decision!

Well, today I was heading out with Deanna to go to the Coachman and sit around drinking coffees and get some groceries, and we were walking down the driveway when I saw the mailman.  I was getting the mail from him and he had a small envelope that was mailed expresspost.  I didn’t really think anything of it, but then I looked closer at it and it was from Ryerson.

I didn’t want to open it in the street, so it was a very long chilly walk to the mall and as soon as we sat down I opened it.  The whole way I was debating the merits of the letter, because it was express post.  I was like “They wouldn’t send a rejection express post would they?”

So I started reading it and it said “I am pleased to inform you . . . ” and I was like “Waaaaahoooo!  I got in!”  I didn’t really read the letter thoroughly the first time, I was so excited.  But yes, they approved my admission to the MA in Media Production program and said a formal offer of admission would be coming soon!

So I was excited and glowing all day.  I looked into renting a Uhaul truck, and it would be 1400 to rent it, not including the fuel.  I’m also starting to look into housing situations.  I need to bring my dogs with me, so it’s kinda tricky.  Although Toronto is a good place for dogs.  You can take them on public transit during off peak hours, and they aren’t supposed to discriminate for housing because of pets.  So IN THEORY I should be able to get around and have a place to live and have my little wiener dogs.  Yay for the weens!

I’m glad that I finally have an idea of what the future has in store for me.  It’s good to be able to make definite plans.  I have a lot of problem solving to do, especially in regards to moving costs and finding a place to live.  I also have to contact my band and see if they can fund me, and look around for scholarships/bursaries/stipends and stuff.  Toronto is pretty pricey.  But so is Vancouver and I lived there for nine years.  And so is Saskatoon, now.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  I finally got into grad school!

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