So I’ve been busy trying to come up with plans for getting out to Toronto and finding a place to live.  I’ve been looking up Coop Housing places, trying to find somewhere close to Ryerson and also somewhere that has subsidized rent.  Or at least not crazy expensive rent.  My friend Margaret says some places have totally reasonable waiting lists, so there is a chance I could get in one sooner than a year.

I found out today that Sight will be a part of NSI’s Online Film Festival, it will be on the website in June.  It’s pretty cool!  I had to get a bunch of stuff in to them, so I just did that.

I’m doing good otherwise.  I’m busy, filling in forms for various things, googling a bunch of stuff.  Playing with the dogs.  I went out to Rhymes for Young Ghouls last night and tomorrow night I am going to The Grand Budapest Hotel with my Mom.  I’m feeling pretty good.

My risperidone has been lowered again, to 3mg at night.  I’ve noticed I’m a little bit crabbier.  I don’t know if this will go away or if it’s something I should worry about.  It was only changed a while ago.  I have until May to see how it goes.

Last year when I applied for Grad school my psychiatrist said she could do Skype appointments for a while until I get to see someone in Toronto.  So I guess that’s ok.  Oh man, and I’m gonna have to find a GP too.

Well anyway, good and busy things happening!

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