Change is good for the soul

I’m really tired.  Things are changing really fast.  Mom and I went looking for condos for her to live in, and she found one she has her heart set on.  So a real estate agent is coming to the house on Tuesday to assess the place and Mom is going to get the house on the market.  I have a whole bunch of crappy crap I have to get rid of so that I can take just the essentials to Toronto.  My friend Louis has checked his schedule and says he can come out here and drive my stuff and my dogs to Toronto at the end of August.  I’m pretty excited.

I got the names of a few co-ops from Margaret and Louis and I’ve started the application process.  I also found out disappointing news that my reserve still only gives 830.00 a month for living allowance for single people.  Which clearly isn’t enough to survive on.  BUT apparently I can get a top up from the disability program in Ontario because they don’t mind people attending post secondary full time AND being on disability.  So that might bump me up to 1200 a month.  Plus my fellowship adds a bit of money in there.  SO I should be okay at least until January.  If I can get subsidized co-op housing I would be totally fine, but I might have to start out paying market rent, which is STILL a hell of a lot cheaper than like, a regular apartment in Toronto.

Blah blah blah!

OMG I am so ready to leave.  My grandpa wants me to come back after school is done, but there’s no point, I can’t get a job here because it’s too racist, and also I can’t work in my field because Brad Wall murdered the film industry here.  I like my family, but I am ready to go away.  I need to go somewhere I can find a girlfriend and get a nice apartment and do grown up things again like have sex. I really miss big city living.  And my dogs might have to adjust, but I am sure they will be fine.

Little Mister is being such a sweetie these days.  Well, except he keeps charging Posey when he wants to tune her up.  And then Hermione intervenes because she’s kind of become Posey’s Mum.  And I feel guilty that in the not too distant future they are gonna get separated.  Because they are so cute together.

I went to my Concurrent Disorders group on Friday and told them about getting into Grad School.  The addictions counselor said she would look into getting me a phone number for someone in Toronto who could point me to a similar group there.

Getting all this stuff sorted is gonna take some time!  And I also have to get my official transcripts to Ryerson, and my application in to Little Pine for funding.  So many things to remember!  I should write lists!

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