Boxes and boxes

So much paper!  I looked at EVERY piece of paper that was in those boxes!  I had three piles, one for keeping, one for trashing, and one for sensitive papers I need to shred before recycling.  In the end I had one bankers box of letters, old statements from distributors, writings, and various bits and bobs that I thought I should keep.  I realized I moved some really junky stuff like People magazines from 2003.  What do I want with that?  I let go of a LOT of things!  I really don’t need it.  And it takes up so much room.

I have two boxes left which really just need some adjusting and then they can be put back in the corner with the other stuff I am moving.  I don’t have so much now, it’s mostly archived video tapes.  And film reels.  And books.

Next it’s the upstairs room.  I have another big box of stuff in my room, and some other things.  Just clutter stuff that I can put in a better place.

We also did some speckling and Mom painted, I have to clean the fan, Deanna cleaned the sun porch, we have to move Mom’s office downstairs and the bedroom upstairs and a bed in another room over to another room.  Whew!

The more I can pack to put away in storage for future moving to Toronto, the better.  I might have to store stuff for about two and a half months between when Mom and I move to the condo and when I leave Saskatoon for good.  But if most of my stuff is ready to go, it will simplify my life, and give me more time for looking for a place in Toronto and also getting my back taxes done.  AND I have a grant I have to finish up here too!

Busy busy busy beaver!

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