Shake your fist, NOT YOUR DICK!

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I am having a little bit of trouble with a potential gambling addiction.  This post isn’t about that though, only indirectly.

There is a local bar my cousin and I like to hang out in by the mall, close to the house.  It’s called The Coachman.  And it’s kind of an old persons bar, well lit, quiet, with a room and two walls full of VLT’s (video lottery terminals, but really they are slots).  Anyway, my Cuz and I were having a drink, they have low alcohol beer there so I had a couple of those, and then we whiled away some time playing slots, my Cuz won ten dollars but I won not much of anything.  At the end of spending money foolishly in the back room, I could hear this guy outside talking about women in the bar.  I didn’t know if he meant us or other women, but he was pretty gross, saying things about getting women drunk and taking their clothes off, and I said to Deanna (cuz!) “There’s a gross guy out there.”

We finished up and then left the backroom to go back to a booth and have our last drink, and we were just chatting when this man’s booming voice started getting aggressive.  This other guy was leaving and the Gross Man was following him and trying to pick a fight.  He claimed that the man had knocked him off his chair and the police were coming and taunted the man for running away.  Then he got to the entrance, and I was perfectly positioned to see him from the back fumbling with his zipper and then making a motion of shaking his dick!  I swear to god, the dude pulled his dick out and waved it at the guy!  By then the one leaving was just ignoring him, but what the hell?

The Gross Dick Shaker went back inside, then he went outside, then he came back inside, then he left for good.  He also was aggressive towards other people, demanding to know if they were laughing at him and stuff.  HOLY FUCK!

That is the most fucked up thing I have ever seen happen at The Coach.  Usually it is a pretty quiet bar.  I mean, on the weekends college kids like to go, but they don’t wave their genitals around.

ALSO, what is the deal with waving one’s genitals? Is that supposed to be some kind of Alpha male thing?  I don’t understand!

When he was passing us going in and out of the bar, we’d be like chatting about what just happened and then also trying to be as invisible as possible because clearly he was messed up.

What worries me is that the staff there is often just women, and this situation really needed a beefy bouncer.  I’ve known women bouncers, but I don’t know if the waitresses there can be as effective.  Such a worry.

Anyway, as we were leaving I said “I wonder if there are surveillance cameras out here,” and just then spotted a camera with the words “Surveillance Camera” printed on it to make it even more obvious, pointed straight at the dick shaking doorway.

After that I drove Deanna to McDonalds and she bought me large fries.


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