Meewasin Sooniyas

So I am ok.  I went out and played Lobstermania and won 60 bucks.  50 in one spin!  🙂  Sweet!

I got a call from my Dad today, which surprised me.  We had a nice chat.  A couple of his dogs died over winter, which was sad.  Dogs on the Rez don’t have very long lifespans.

What else?  I’m in a good mood.  Well, to be honest it is going up and down.  I was doing A LOT of work getting this house “Show Ready” and it was SUPER STRESSING me out!  I was moving large furniture like dressers and tables and then also carrying boxes of books up and down stairs.  And yesterday I just hit the wall.  My body ached, I hadn’t been able to sleep in for a VERY long time, so I was sleep deprived, and I just wanted to cry.  I had it.  I was veering between being extremely upset to extremely angry.  Like, this had been going on for three weeks or so.  And today finally we didn’t have to do much.  Tomorrow is just some tidying in my room and moving some boxes once the new floors are in.  So I think I am ok.

Kristjan is here, which can be kind of crazy.  I don’t know how we are going to do this with him here, because people are starting to come and look at the house on Wednesday and decide if they want to buy it.  So it has to be SUPER CLEAN and Steven is not very good at cleaning after his son.  Which makes me worry I am going to be running around stressed out until Friday cleaning after someone else’s kid.

Anyway, in a fit of pique I posted on Facebook wondering if I could stay at someone’s house until Friday with my two dogs, and I was super surprised when someone actually said yes, especially since that person and I haven’t spent more than five minutes in each other’s presence since 2007.

What else?  I am excited to move away, but it’s a long time from now and I have other things to do between now and then.

1. Write a sci fi short story for Theytus books.
2. Go to Winnipeg for a show at Urban Shaman.
3. Do a performance at the Dunlop in Regina.
4. Make a webseries.

Also I have to go to Regina for Queer City Cinema which is showing Just Dandy, and I have to pack up my stuff and put it in a storage unit until August.  AND find a place to live in Toronto.  Lots of things!

OH!  And do my back taxes for 8 years.

So much.

My head is swimming.

I’m getting requests for my videos more and more.  That’s really nice.  Just Dandy is showing at the Montreal Underground Film Festival this month.  Sight is going to show in Toronto again.  And three videos are showing in Winnipeg.

Edit***** I wrote 771 words of my short story! 😀 Stopping only because I am tired!

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