One Big Pee Pad

I miss my pal Deanna.  She is just busy, but I miss going out with her to the Coach and visiting.  Ha ha, it hasn’t even been that long since we have gone out.

My neck hurts.  I slept on it wrong.  I hate it.

I had a weird sleep last night, because I was writing something super dramatic just  before I went to sleep.  The night time seems to be the best time to write right now, because that’s when everyone else has gone to bed.  I’ve got six pages written.  It’s going pretty quick, which is surprising.  I guess it’s a story that wanted to be told.

I have so much stuff coming up.  I think I mentioned that in my last post.  I feel like I am finally doing the work I need to do though, I think I might finally be getting into a nice steady creative groove.  I have a lot to think about, and now we aren’t working so hard on the house, so it is getting easier.  I’m looking forward to when I live with roommates who aren’t family though, because I think I will be able to be more myself then.

The dogs are fine.  We got new carpet in the living room and they haven’t peed on it yet!  Yay!  😀  Kristjan is staying until Friday and today he ran into the living room and said “This is one big pee pad!”  Made me laugh!

I’m thinking of using my short story as the basis for my MA project.  I think it would be really good.  And it would give me an excuse to take the special effects class.

I already know mom’s gonna hate my story.  Oh well.

It’s funny, I’m talking about how I need more time to work on my projects, but I am also feeling like I need more time to socialize outside of the house.  I guess I need more friends here.  But I’m leaving.  I don’t know what I need.

Boi Oh Boi is screening at Entzaubert this year, I’m trying to decide if I want to go or not.  It’s a super fun festival and I always have a good time.  I’m just not sure.  I have to think.


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