Strike a Pose! NooOOoo! Don’t strike Posey!

Posey chewed Mom’s glasses and made teeth marks on the bottoms of her expensive progressive lenses.  And being a good dog owner I promised to pay for new lenses.

That doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it!

Posey was wanting to chew on all kinds of things all day, I bought some pork rawhide chewy things for her and the pups.  It helped.  A bit.

She is super needy, because she is a baby, and I was working on writing this evening and she kept trying to jump into my lap and instead she would fail.  She really likes being close to me.  The problem is the laptop.  There’s not enough room for both. Sad. Poor Posey!

I guess you might wonder what she looks like now, here she is!


But that’s not nearly as funny as the picture I got of Mom and Little Mister at Pike Lake!




OMG it’s so funny!  He looks like Bert Raccoon or a pissed off Muppet!

Anyway, as you may gather dogs bring both good and bad to life, but the good pretty much always outweighs the bad.  And also: dachshunds are super comical.  I love them!

What else?  Oh it’s late, I just wanted to brag about my cute babies!

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