I’m a Lady!

Ha ha, I bet I named a post that once already.  ANYWAY!

I have finished writing the first drafts of Episodes 1 through 4 of my webseries.  I feel a lot better now that I am writing it, I was stuck for a LONG time!  And I have to shoot before I leave this summer.  I gave the first three episodes to my Mom to read, she liked it so that’s a good sign.  She even laughed a few times.  I think I’ll try and amp the humour when I do the rewrites, but already it’s pretty funny.  I think it’s funny anyway.

I’m keeping it to three minutes for each episode for now, but I will probably let them expand a little bit when I do rewrites.  Just so I can put in more action and stuff.

Hell yeah!

We are having a garage sale soon, June 7th! It will be my first time having a sale, I really need to pare down my possessions so I have to be very ruthless and gather things I no longer need!

I’m going to Winnipeg in a couple weeks or so, which is awesome.  I hope to see old friends!  And I am waiting for some taxes to come back and give me money.  YEAH!  MONEY!

I’m in a good mood, my depression has abated.  I was really worried about the future for a while.  But there is only so much I can do, so I have decided to believe that The Universe Provides.  I know that’s not always true, BUT I have to believe in something.

My Mom said the other day that in the old days, Crees believed in The Great Mystery and not the Creator, because the Creator according to mythology was Wesakejahk and the Muskrat.  I like the idea of The Great Mystery.  It leaves things more open to interpretation.  I can believe in that.

I haven’t gambled in a while, besides lottery tix.  That’s a good thing.  I’m really keeping an eye on it, I don’t want to get into ANOTHER addiction.  That would suck.  Blah!

Posey hates the car.  She gets pukey/drooly everytime we put her in the car, and it worries me because she’s going to be in a car for a while when we go to Ontario.  I don’t want her to dehydrate!  I have to do some research and see what I can do about it.  Poor pup!

There was a spectacular thunderstorm last night and today, and even flooding!  Little Mister hates thunder.  Last night he hid under the bed.  That’s his safe spot.  Even when we had the oven mitt fire, he went and hid under my bed.  Poor little sod!

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