Zipping along!

I’m trying not to worry too much as I am doing the initial drafts of my webseries.  I have already gotten to the end of Episode 5.  Exactly halfway there!  Next comes the twist!  Which should be fun to write.

I’m so tired. I slept in, so it’s not even like I had to get up early, but every day we have to get out of the house at some point so strangers can come in and decide if they want to buy it. It’s pretty tiresome, BUT necessary. But Posey doesn’t do well in the car at all.  I really hope that goes away.

Tomorrow a friend is picking me up to go to the Powwow at the University.  I’m looking forward to it! 😀  I haven’t seen her in a long time!

I am feeling on track with my creative projects.  I still have to work on my performance for the Dunlop.  I mailed away my video to Female Eye Film Festival for their screening.  I have to convert and bring three videos to Winnipeg on a flash drive. Um . . . am I forgetting anything?  I should go through my emails to make sure.

My webseries is making me excited again.  I think it’s going to be really awesome. YEAH!

Being creatively busy is when I am happiest I think.  I like when ideas are just pouring through my brain and I have something to show for it. It’s funny, I want to just be a full time filmmaker, and I am, but sometimes I worry I’m never going to be able to comfortably live off of my talents.  And that kind of makes me sad. I don’t want to have a full time day job where I only get three weeks off a year to relax. But “normies” get really upset if you deviate from the status quo.

But why would I care about their opinion?

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