Life and Living

So anyway, I am trying to visit Grandma and Grandpa almost every day for the next while.  Partly just because I love them and won’t see them much when I leave, but also because Grandma’s status has moved into a more palliative care situation and I don’t want to miss out on being around her.

So we saw them today. Grandma and I lay on her bed and chatted about things. Grandpa and I watched the World Cup and ate chocolate, and Mom showed off the toe she dropped a plate on which is all bruisey.

It’s really unclear how much time she has left.  It could be a month.  It could be days.  Nobody knows.  AND since we thought she was dying in January, it could be another false alarm.

One thing I know is that if I am away and she dies, I should call Westjet for a plane ticket instead of Air Canada, because a friend of mine called Air Canada for the bereaved fare and they implied she was lying about her dead Kokum.  THAT’s SO RUDE!

What else?  Ah, basic rundown of Things I Need To Do: Finish rewriting short story.  Finish rewriting scripts. Write Monologue AND Practice before the end of July. Book portable storage and moving thingy. Start packing. Cast video.  Shoot video. UGH! What else?  Do this week of work. Do some more taxes. Save lots of money.

FUN things I am doing this next week include going to the Lauryn Hill concert with Shar and the Tegan and Sara concert with Deanna! 🙂 AND that’s about it.  Lot of work, with some fun times.

Mom is coming to Toronto in October.  YAY! I will get to take her to my new favourite places and introduce her to my friends and the pups will get to see their Grandma!  They love their Grandma.  She’s going to teach her class from Toronto for that week because it’s an online course.  I hope my computer is fixed by then!

I have nothing else to report.  I wrote twice today, that’s enough.

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