Work all day, be depressed about laptop all night

Two days of work done!  Four days left!  Three actually, then a break for a day and then one last day.  MAKING MONEY!

The movers are still trying to get a quote from the truckers.  Neuralnet is still doing diagnostics to find out what is the matter with Lappy.  So I am still in the dark about how much money all of this is going to cost me.

I keep calling, but it’s really not making anything go faster. So I hope they just call me back tomorrow about things. And then I can make decisions and budget.

I finally learned what Bae means, it’s Babe without the second b. I thought it meant Boo, and it kind of does but also I don’t actually know what Boo means.  Maybe it comes from Sweet Baboo? Peanuts?  Eh?

Whatever, I haven’t had the opportunity to use this newfangled lingo.

Tomorrow I am going to Lauryn Hill.  And the day after I am going to Teagan and Sara.

It’s almost a month and a half before I leave.  Woah man!  SO SOON!

I don’t have much to report. I was at work all day. Then a long bus ride home. Now I am almost ready for bed. BEDTIME comes so soon when you work all day!

I lost my headphones.  I don’t remember the last time I used them.  Yesterday? I hope I find them, they are pricey!

I really really need my laptop back.

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