Moving/lappy Update

I forgot to update you on two things.  One, the movers.  I was gonna go with Storage Vault, BUT it took them a week to come up with a quote, with me calling and waiting and ugh!  And finally when they did give me a quote, it was for $3000 dollars!  WHAT??? That’s more than a new Macbook Pro!  So a friend gave me the name of these cross country movers, Vega Line, and within 12 hours they gave me a rough estimate of $875, with door to door service, and basically a whole better deal.  It might be more once they get everything weighed, but it won’t be a lot more.

ALSO my lappy is back! They adjusted some settings and after it didn’t act up for two days they said I could come get it, 43 bucks!  Such a relief, especially since I was worried I would have to pay 800 to replace the logic board or something. YAY!

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