Ridiculously excited

So just now I finished booking my move with Vega Line, who are gonna do a better job than those pod/portable storage options for less money and with door to door service!  ALSO they can keep my stuff in their storage when it gets to Toronto until Sept 1 when I will FOR SURE have a place.  I hope! So I am pretty happy, and they have been totally amazing to deal with so far! And they came with a good recommendation from a friend, so I feel good about them.

We took the pups for a walk today, while some people came to see the house. Posey is terrible on a leash, but she’s a puppy still so she has learning to do.  Little Mister is impeccable! Hermione was slower than the others.

I didn’t get much sleep last night, I was too excited!  It’s happening so SOON!

I’ve got my plane ticket to Toronto, and paid for the two dogs to go in cargo on my flight.  I’m not too worried about Little Mister, because he likes being in his crate, but Posey gets motion sickness or anxiety or something when she’s in a car and barfs and drools.  So she might have a rough time.  Mostly I’m worried she’ll get dehydrated.  Good thing it’s a short flight. I’m gonna put their thundershirts on them.

So basically now all I have to do is finish my writing, do my performance, do the webseries stuff, and then head out!

Also find a place to live.  It’s worrying me.  I’m checking Kijiji ads and the off campus housing listings. Also I put a note on Homes For Queers Toronto on FB. I’m going to be making some calls on Monday too, to people who help folks find housing. So I am doing everything I can.  My cousin can’t afford to find a place with me because her hours got cut, which is too bad!  So it’s back to living with strangers or in a cheap bachelor.

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