So I need to talk about something, because writing here is how I work through things I am having issues with.  It looks like I am not gonna get my webseries shot before I leave Saskatoon.  I have a month and a half left and I still need to do rewrites and things have really pushed back my schedule, including all the work in the spring getting Mom’s house ready to sell, and also not having my laptop for a week or whatever kicked my ass, and basically I think I can finish the rewrites for the end of July, but I am not gonna have time to cast and rehearse and shoot my video before I move.

Which leaves me with doing it in Ontario.  Which is further complicated by the fact that I will also be in school until next September doing a full time courseload.  IF SAB was ok with me turning it into my grad project that would be ok, BUT I don’t know if that is ok.

I know it will get done, but it might not get done within the original time frame.  It might not even get done this year.  I’m pretty disappointed, but I also don’t want to fuck it up by rushing it.

Anyway, if my friends reading this have ever had issues with projects not getting done on time, let me know what you did.  Cause I totally have to re-envision this project to complete it.

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