Glimmers of Hope

I may have a place to live!  My roommate is gonna go see it and then the landlady is checking our references and stuff.  But I won’t be moving in until Sept 15th, which kinda sucks but also will be okay because I can stay with my friend Louis.  AND she knows about all our dogs.

I found out my fellowship is getting split into 3 payments over 3 semesters, which SUCKS because now I need to find money for my tuition and books.  I’m really really hoping student loans pulls through.  I had a loan I wasn’t able to pay back, which is why I am worried about it.  On the other hand it was a really really small loan and I was on disability for a long time.  So hopefully they will be compassionate and give me a loan?  I really just have to wait and see.  So frustrating!

++++++++++++++++++hours later+++++++++++++++++++++++

So I got tired of waiting to hear about my student loan and called the service centre in Saskatchewan, they told me they sent me a letter on the 18th saying I was rejected because of a federal restriction, BUT they gave me a phone number to this federal student loans place to see if I could get the restriction lifted.  The next phone rep gave me another number to call about getting a “loan rehabilitation” where I pay off my interest and make two payments and then I can call them back and get the restriction lifted.  SO I made another call and got yet another number which I can call tomorrow and ask about all of this.  I’m feeling really relieved, I was worried I would be banned from loans forever, instead it seems like the government is actually willing to work with people to find solutions.  Which is funny because I knew that already from my interactions with Canada Revenue Agency.  But yeah!  I actually have a chance that I can fund my schooling through traditional mainstream student loans.

It would be nice to not have to get a loan, but also I am not that worried about giving myself more debt to pay off.  It wouldn’t be anything like getting loans for a four year undergraduate program, because it’s a masters program and is only 12 months long.  Anyway, I have some hope again, and it’s making me feel a lot happier and I am losing that cry eyes feeling!

Whew!  Still, I am not out of the woods yet!  But I hope to have this all sorted by the time Friday rolls around.  One place to call tomorrow, possibly making a payment through my bank, then another phone call and then I should be all sorted!  It does mean I’m gonna have to juggle money around again, and that sucks, BUT things will work out.

So for a while I was feeling down, and like I would be in school a month and then get booted out for not paying fees and have to move back to Saskatoon or something.  Not that I would move back.  But it looks like I will be able to do school!  And who knows, maybe in January I will get off the waitlist for band funding and be able to NOT have a student loan anymore!

In bad news Posey has been eating my glasses.  🙁  What a jerky kid I have!


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