No loan

So I called that number yesterday and got this really mean Francophone lady who told me it was too late to do loan rehabilitation and that NO ONE could give me my balance over the phone, it would be mailed in five to ten business days.  She was the most unhelpful person I had talked to during this whole thing, didn’t give me any options for how to get the restriction removed from my student loan application.

So I cried for a while and talked to my friend Robin and she had all these suggestions, and some other people had suggestions.  And I sent in an application to this foundation but I don’t know when I will hear back.  AND today I followed up on a suggestion and called TD to set up an appointment for a Student Line of Credit.  It would give me enough for this semester and I could pay it back anytime.  So I don’t know what will happen to me, but I’m gonna keep on going and just hope that somehow this all gets paid for in the end.

It’s been really stressful.  If worse comes to worse I’m gonna drop out at the end of September and get a job.  I’m not able to move back to Saskatchewan because I can’t afford it and also I don’t want to go back, it’s too racist there for me to get a job and I’d just be living with my Mom again and feeling shitty.   So there’s no where to go but forward, and I’m just gonna have to do it!

My psychic said I would go to school, so I really hope it’s true and that I am destined to go there.  In the meantime orientation is coming up and I have to move over to my friend’s and start classes.

My roommate situation might be falling through, we’re not sure if she can move or not.  We’re gonna wait one more night and see if our fortunes change, but I might have to find someone else to move into this basement suite with me.  So that also sucks.

In good news I now have enough to pay my first and last month’s rent and also the costs of the movers.  I just need to have this place locked down so I can give the address to my movers for our move in date.  Whew.  🙁

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