That woman at student loans lied to me!

Classes have started!  Besides this funding quandary I am actually really enjoying myself at school and having a good time!  Ryerson increased my fellowship by a thousand dollars, to five thousand dollars.  Including my Residential School Education Credit from my Grandma, I have about 8000 towards my 10,000 tuition.  Which is why today when I found out Mom and I don’t qualify for a student line of credit because she doesn’t make enough money, I still felt sort of hopeful.  I mean, the tuition is gonna be mostly paid for, it’s just living and books and about 2000 for the rest of my tuition.  That’s ALL I need.  Which isn’t so bad.

But it’s still kinda stressful.  Anyway, today my info from Student Loans showed up saying I COULD rehabilitate my loan and get the restriction taken off, if I pay about 800 in interest and do two monthly payments to CRA.  And my loan is so little, SO little, it’s $2000.  So the monthly payment might be 25-50 bucks for all I know.  I was so frustrated though, because all the money I have is paying for rent and moving costs and maybe some food.  But then a friend said she might be able to loan me the money to rehabilitate my loan as long as I pay her back when I get my next loan.  So I’m gonna give it a shot, call CRA and find out how much my monthly payments are.  So I don’t know why that woman was telling me it was too late to rehabilitate my loan.  SHE LIED!  She just wanted to be an asshole, and probably assumed I owed tens of thousands of dollars!  Anyway, hopefully this can get worked out in the next week.

It’s so weird, I never realized how much of a struggle it would be just to go to Graduate school.  I haven’t even done any assignments yet!!!!

In better news, my new landlady checked my references and was happy with them and I will be moving in on September 15th.  So YAY!  🙂  I’m relieved!  She’s drafting up a lease and letter and then I’ll be handing over rent money.  It’s a good thing she is renting to me too because I already told my movers where I was going.  If I hadn’t got the place I would have cancelled and changed it, but now I don’t have to!

The pups are getting used to my friends dogs and Posey was trying to play with the old matriarch dog, Tashi, but we couldn’t tell if Tashi was getting pissed off at her or being playful because she kept growling and wagging her tail.  Mixed messages!  At one point I witnessed all four dogs running around in a circle through some doorways from the living room and kitchen and hallway.  I think Posey was playing and Little Mister was chasing and the other two were just caught up in all the hubbub.  Either way Posey and Mister are settling in to their temporary situation.  I feel bad because their little lives are going to go through another upheaval in a couple weeks.  And then a little bit again when the new roommate moves in.

What else?  I’m excited to be reunited with my things.  And my bed!  And have my own place again!  And my books and bookcase and various important things!  And filing cabinet!

I’m gonna have to find a couch or chairs or something tho.  For my living room.  I only moved bedroom furniture.

Things are so up and down.  I’m hanging on though!  I’ve been on time for all my classes so far, I have one more tomorrow morning at 9, and then I’m done for the week!  Tomorrow is Media Production I, the lecture part.  And then we do the lab half on Monday.  I’m not sure what to expect, I guess I’ll find out!  I have no printer at the moment, so my iPhone has been saving my life.  It’s telling me when and where all my classes are and I can check the campus map on my gmail app.  And google maps has also saved me, especially watching my gps dot move around telling me where I am.

I also got my OneCard student ID thingy today, and I found a pharmacy near my school where I got my prescriptions transferred.  They said I could pick them up on Friday.  So it’s working out.  I also need to get a doctor, psychiatrist, dentist, optometrist, hairdresser, and Little Mister’s new groomer.  But that doesn’t have to happen just yet.

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