Today I called CRA, found out I needed to pay them 1042 to rehabilitate my loan, and within hours my friend emailed me the money and I paid it through online banking.  Now I just have to call them again on Tuesday and confirm that I paid it, and then call Student Loans and get my restriction taken off.  But also I had a thing that said I should send them a written letter stating the same things.  SO I will do both, to cover all my bases. I really want this to work out!

I was gonna stay up late tonight because I have no school tomorrow, but I am already yawny!  Tired me!  I was up early, and had no naps.

I went and got some food for my dogs, muzzles in case they get barky at the new place when they are settling in, poop bags for obvious reasons, and some stuff for school.  I ordered two books I need for a class and they should arrive tomorrow, and the rest of my texts are gonna be available via PDF files online.  So that’s good.  Books are cheap! 😀 $40 bucks so far!  I have another class on Monday, hopefully the books for that are cheap or online too!

I don’t have much else to say.  I hope my loan gets approved next week!

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