The movers turned out to be pretty good.  They accepted the cheque for the lower amount, got almost all my stuff in (there is a box of paper that went missing in transit), and worked fast and professionally.  There was only one smashed knob on my dresser, and everything else appears to be in good shape.  One box nearly fell apart at the last second, but aside from that things were fine.

Student Loans FINALLY accepted the money on Monday and sent out a letter that day saying I could now contact National Student Loans and arrange a repayment schedule, and THEN I can start my new loan process again.  So I am going to do that.  The letter is going to my Mom’s house, because I haven’t updated my address yet, but I will.  And she can scan it and email it to me.  It’s gonna happen!  I just gotta hang on!

Aside from that, I am doing school work, looking for a roommate, and getting ready for a performance this weekend in London.  Ontario.  I have to get back to reading this thing and also doing a one paragraph artist statement and a one sentence artist statement for tomorrow.  A show is opening in Saskatoon that is screening a video of mine, which is sweet.  Another artist fee!

Um, what else?  I’m not sure, I should go finish my reading though.  My dogs are wrestling next to me.  They are pretty cute.  They are both upside-down slapping eachother with their paws.  Yesterday I ate four cupcakes.  But I’m diabetic, so I didn’t eat cupcakes at all today and probably won’t for a while.  I just really needed cupcakes.  You must understand!

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