Waiting List

So today I got a message back from this Co-op I applied to and did an interview with and I am now on the waiting list! 😀  It could be six months, it could be a year, but they have high turnover of the one bedrooms, so hopefully I will hear back in a short while.  I’m pretty happy about that, it’s a pretty co-op, and it’s 100 years old, so it has that character thing I’ve always liked.

Posey and Little Mister met their dog sitter tonight.  Posey was barky, but Little Mister was friendly and interested in her.  So I hope it goes well.  It’s for only one night, so I am hoping they do okay.  And if not, then it is only one night and I will know for next time to do something different.

Tomorrow is my performance in London.  I went down to Union Station to buy a train ticket, it was twice as much as it was online, because of a service charge that equals the amount of the ticket.  Pbbt!  But it will get me there and back in the right amount of time.  I got all lost when I was looking for Via Rail AND the TD Canada ATM.  Union Station is very busy.

I was gonna buy a printer/scanner tonight too, but obviously that isn’t gonna happen.  Sooooo, maybe the media place tomorrow will let me scan this book?  Not even a whole book, just a chapter, or part of a chapter.  I have to do my seminar on Thursday this next week, so I am gonna try and find something good about spectatorship.

Posey has a new collar.  Her other one was so loose I was worried she could slip it, and it couldn’t tighten any more.  So now she has one that can go way smaller, and it has a reflective stripe on it.  Little Pose!

POSE!~ 🙂  I wish she wouldn’t be so suspicious of new people.  I hope she grows out of it.  Little Mister doesn’t care, if only she could follow his example.  She’s such a sweetheart otherwise.  I hope she is totally different while I am away and doesn’t mind the dog sitter.

In Student Loans news, the letter still hasn’t arrived.  So maybe Monday?  I hope so!  I’m really itching to get this figured out.

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