I got the place! :D

Today I woke up early and waited around and actually missed the phone call from the co-op, but I got the place! 😀
Now I have to arrange internet service, book movers, pack my stuff, set up gas and electricity service, and get tenant insurance. WHEW! SO much stuff!
I’m excited! And I also found out Just Dandy got into the Paris Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival. So I’m going to try and get a travel grant to go. I think it would be awesome. And I can take someone with me as my mental health assistant! Yay!

I am still waiting on Personal Credits to be deposited and for grant results. Why is it taking so long? Cry cry cry.
Ah, that’s about all I have to mention today. Good news! Stressful, but good! And the landlady here is ok with me breaking the lease on September 1st (even tho I am leaving August 1st actually). So that’s a relief.

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