So I found out, 35 days later, that my IRS Personal Credits cheque STILL has not been issued. Not only that, but the 30 days to have it issued within isn’t even true! They don’t give a shit! They’re just gonna do it whenever, and they don’t have timelines for when it’s going to be done! This is so fucked up! I am considering going to the media and telling them how fucked up this process has been. I need this money within two weeks for when I move, because I need first and last months rent. But no, they aren’t going to give it to me right now. BECAUSE THEY ARE INCOMPETENT! I have been trying to get this money since January. In actual fact, I have been trying to get this money since September when school first started. I have paperwork that proves that. The whole process has been negative, and all over a small sum of 3000 dollars. I have a feeling this is actually a scam. They are scamming Residential School survivors families by promising money and then balking when it is time to pay up. There is no way this is appropriate. It should have been an open and shut process of dispensing money. Instead it is drawn out and they are using probably most of the money for administrative costs.

I am so fucking mad! Something has to be done about this! I contacted my MP but after I got approved for payment she didn’t do anything more. BECAUSE A CHEQUE SHOULD HAVE JUST GONE OUT! But no! And I know for a fact that I am not the only person suffering through this process. I know of someone else’s relative who has been waiting for two years for her money. How is this okay? This is NOT okay! I think they are just doing this because we are Native, because if we were white we sure would get our money in a more timely fashion!

In short FUCK YOU CRAWFORD CLASS ACTION SERVICES! You are incompetent and mismanaging funds!

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