Lumpy Little Mister

I got paid again! Just in time too, because I’m currently paranoid about a lump on Little Mister which seems to be getting bigger. I googled “Fatty tumours dogs” and “How much does it cost to remove a tumour on a dog” and suffice it to say I am nervous as all hell and calling the vet tomorrow as soon as I wake up.

Of course I ALSO happen to have a doctor’s appointment for myself tomorrow, and since she is only giving me 2 months of prescriptions at a time I am running out of some stuff, like my CRUCIAL epival (mood stabilizer that works better for me than lithium), and need to go see her. ALSO I have to pay my deposit for my new glasses by the end of the week. So probably when I call the vet they will want him to come in tomorrow, because not only does he need a rabies shot and his general check up, lumps need to be checked out. Lump. He only has one lump.

And PROBABLY the lump is just a fatty mass. But it is growing which freaks me out. And the little dude is turning 11 in May, which is SUPER OLD! I’ve never had a pet besides my sisters cat for this long. He’s totally unconcerned with anything. He still runs around wagging his tail at any and everything. Barks like a jerkface and when I tell him off he grumbles at me like usual. Rushes to eat as much of his food as he can so he can waddle over to Posey’s dish and eat her leftovers. Snuggles in bed, like right now when he is laying against my leg snoozing. It’s just he’s such a good natured good hearted little beast, and the last dog I had that was so easy going and sweet was my Golden Retriever, Wesley and he died of cancer really young actually.

And I don’t know what I would do without Little Mister. I am aware that like all beings he is gonna die someday. And that’s just a fact of life. I just want him to be one of those impressively old mini dachshunds. One of those like, 18 year old Old Sage dachshunds that other dachshunds come up to to ask advice. And really he probably will be. I’m just fretting.

Anyway, tomorrow I will find out. He’s been a very expensive little dog this last year. He had that back flare up thing in the late winter last year, got his teeth cleaned and pulled this fall, and now he needs MORE vet care which could involve surgery if his mass is cancerous. AHHHHH! But he’s worth it, cause he is such a loving little beastie.

Besides Little Mister’s lump, things are going ok. I didn’t get my OAC grant, which is REALLY too bad, so I am looking for employment. Just a contract job would tide me over. I’m applying for a teaching job but that wouldn’t be until May, so I need something between now and then. I’ve applied for at least three or four jobs in the last week. All of them I would be awesome at. I have a hard time selling myself I think. I’ve been raised to be modest so being all shouty about how awesome I am doesn’t come naturally. But for gods sakes I would be awesome!

I think artist fees come next month. That’s also something to look forward to, because I think I got a sale. I found out one show I was supposed to be in in March fell through because they didn’t get funding, BUT I also got an email asking for a screener of a film for a festival in the States. So you win some lose some.

I worked on my outline for my script for the first time in a long time! It was really good, I think I solved all the immediate story needs I needed to satisfy. I’m going to work on it more, but I think soon I will be able to actually write the script. And then I would be on time! I really want to get it done in time so I can apply for another grant. I don’t want to spend 4 years working on it and not be eligible because I can’t do a final report.

So, pups and careers. We went on a nice walk today actually, I used mushers secret on their paws for the first time and the salt on the sidewalks and roads didn’t bother them so much. I actually think it’s kind of criminal how much Toronto loves salt. It’s so bad for dogs, cause they lick their paws and it can be toxic. I always wipe their paws when we come inside, but I can’t get ALL the salt. And really it’s ridiculous, streets will just be WHITE and powdery they are so salty. There’s more salt than snow out there right now!

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