Little Mister Lumpy: Diagnosis of Lipoma!

So I didn’t want to write another post until Little Mister and I went to the vet. This afternoon we got on a streetcar and went to our vet. She loves Little Mister but he hides his snout in my armpit and looks away a lot hoping she will forget about him. Anyway, she gave him a good looking over and a rabies shot and then she checked out his lump. She said it sounds and feels like a lipoma, which is a fatty tumour. Basically a blob of fat under his skin. She didn’t think it was anything to worry about, she measured it for his file so we can keep an eye on it in case things change.
She could have done a needle aspirate on it to be sure, but I felt confident in her diagnosis and asked her if there are things I should keep an eye out for. She says if he starts to scratch or nibble at it, if it bothers him, if it hardens, or loses fur on it, or grows rapidly, then we can worry about it. OH or if it get scabby. So it’s really fine. She said a lot of dogs get them and they generally never go away without surgery, but if it’s not bothering him not to worry about it. They are benign.

SO I AM GLAD! Whew! Little Mister wagged his tail all the way down the hall when we left the vet’s office. He was happy to go home. Right now he is sleeping next to me. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about him anymore. I mean, not more than usual concerns for his daily health and wellbeing.

Posey was very sad to be left behind. I need to take her on a long walk tomorrow.

I found out today that 2 Spirit Introductory Special $19.99 is screening in Auckland, New Zealand in February! So cool! I hope they enjoy it!

This evening I went over to my friend Riki’s and we watched the X Files and ate Chicken Noodle soup! Her dog Grady is adorable. He was standing around grumbling and she knows what he is grumbling about. Like one time he was grumbling cause he wanted to go to bed, another time he was grumbling for chips.

We watched the beginning of The Danish Girl. I wasn’t very into it. I am probably biased though from reading so many bad reviews from transwomen.

I came home and Little Mister gave me lots of kisses, then I watched La Loche news on CBC, then I noticed he was asleep on my purse so I took us all to bed.

I guess I should mention La Loche. For those not in the know, there was a school shooting there last Friday. It was in the High School building, but the elementary school building was put on lockdown when it happened. My nephew goes to the elementary school but had been sent home because he acted out at school. Anyway, I’ve basically been watching CBC News non-stop since then. Mom and Steven (Kristjan’s Dad) have been super worried and tomorrow they are finally driving up to pick him up and bring him to Saskatoon until his school opens again.

All the news reports have terrible things to say about the state of La Loche even before the shooting. It sounds pretty bleak. Today I heard the boy who was the shooter was being bullied. I remember being bullied in a small town. It’s pretty brutal. I felt like I had very few options. And none of my teachers cared.

Anyway, it’s been a few wild days. But today was a good day, because Little Mister is gonna be ok. And he’s such a sweet and special guy, I’m glad I’m gonna have him a while longer!

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