Scanning the want ads e’ryday!

So grant money is running low and I gotta spend some still on renting equipment for my shoots in April. And rent money is coming out soon! Scary shit man! Money is in need indeed!

So I’ve been cruising the want ads, sending in resumes and cover letters and references and I have lost track of how many jobs I have applied to. At least six, if not more. Probably more than that. OMG I just checked that’s all I have applied for! NO WAIT! I think I applied for seven. OK no it was nine actually. I know I know, I should spread my net wider. I’m trying for jobs I would be good at. Today I applied for my dream job! Which I am not gonna tell you anything about!

Artist fees are supposed to come this month, that’s something to look forward to!

Little Mister is doing awesome, he’s a happy guy. Posey is likewise also doing awesome. She’s being adorbs. My bratty dog-children!

I don’t want to get pooh poohed for this (but really who reads this anyway?) But I am getting a reading from my favourite psychic Barb Mather soon! LIKE, in a week! 😀 That’s a smiley face cause I am excited! I’m paying for it with the refund I got from my Nina Hagen tickets which got cancelled. I think it’s appropriate! It’s been four years since the last one. I want to know about my career, love, if I am gonna go back to school AGAIN, and if I am gonna have kids or not. I always get these readings when I am at a real crossroads in my life.

There’s a big opportunity I am applying for this spring too. I’m nervous, cause I only get one chance. But my script is as ready as it’s ever gonna be and I want to see if I can get some help. SOOOO I will let you know if I fail or get a great opportunity.

I’ve been breaking even on the ratio of rejections to interest in my newest video. Surprisingly I have actually been approached to screen it more than I have in the past. I’m also fast discovering that international interest isn’t really there in countries that don’t have Indigenous populations. They just don’t get/care about 2 Spirit issues. SO I am redirecting my submissions to North American queer festivals and Native festivals. I know where I’m not wanted! Ha ha ha.

I’m sure I have some more rejections coming down the pipe!

I am supremely enjoying my apartment. I love it more every day. I think in the spring I’m gonna try and spend more time on my sun porch. I finally put my rug down. I’m hoping it works to reduce noise for the downstairs tenant.

I think I am ready to have a full time job. I’ve been building up to it. I did full time school. And I graduated! So surely I can do a job again. I was getting disability back in Saskatoon, but also I was dealing with a lot of health concerns back then. And I’ve been good for a long time now.

My dream jobs I’ve been applying for are contract jobs. I’m mostly concerned with getting some good skills and references and to see that I can do a good job. Maybe they will hire me permanently if I do well. We’ll see.

Anyway, everyday I write, look for work, and watch tv. I’ve gotten hardcore into How To Get Away With Murder. I haven’t been obsessed with a tv show in a long time, so it’s fun.

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