Giant Masses of Paperwork Nearly Complete

I have a hellacious amount of paper work that I am now nearly done in order to keep existing in this capitalist system. For one, I have finally FINALLY finished my taxes! And I came out not owing very much money. I mean, one decent paycheque and I could pay it off. It’s a lot more manageable than my first few goes at my taxes for last year. ALSO Because I have finished my taxes, I can now finish my rental subsidy application. AND Because I have finally applied for Ontario Works (sigh!) I can also add that to my rental subsidy application as my current income, since I have nothing else, no job, at the moment.

Also I printed out a bunch of things I needed for my Ontario Works application, my bank statements and proof I am not on Student Loans anymore (I am really so annoyed they even need proof considering it was finished at the end of August). And I have one last thing to print, my life insurance policy. The annoying thing is that I am not the policy holder. I shouldn’t have even said anything to Welfare since I actually do not have the power to cash it in, it’s my Mom’s business. But they are being real assholes about it so I have to get that in too.

I feel more positive about life today. Yesterday was so depressing. But I did get a bunch of Turtles (the chocolates) in exchange for a toilet brush and it really upped my mood today. Dealing with all this paperwork helped too.

So really, the only thing left to do is get some PDF’s from London Life emailed to me on Monday. And mail away my taxes. And drop off my rental subsidy application on Tuesday.

Next week I am getting free contact lenses! 😀 Hurrah for Bunz!

Also next week Mom will be home again and I can call her more often like usual. Which will be good because I think part of my distress this last week has been dealing with things where I can’t just call her and talk about them like I usually do throughout the day. Also just because I have bipolar and things have been shitty and I guess I was due for a mild (HA!) depression for a little bit. I really try to be positive but honestly sometimes life is just shitty.

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