Things to look forward to

I have a tumblr, but I barely post anything on there that is actually originally mine. Anyway, I saw this great post there a while back about how self care isn’t like, sitting in your filth watching anime and eating four pounds of chocolate (tailor this to your interests!) but is actually doing REAL things like cleaning your apartment, doing the masses of dishes, calling your doctor, etc. And it’s really true.

So I’ve been doing self care things. I picked up trash (mostly turtles wrappers and chewed up kleenexes), swept and washed the floors, and did the dishes today. Tomorrow I’m going to take out my garbage. I’ve got an appointment with my doctor at the end of the month. I’m still working towards acquiring a job, which means cover letters and constantly tailoring my resume. I’m taking iron again, because I quit for two and a half months when I didn’t have refills anymore and I am suspicious it finally caught up to me in the sads.

I also mailed in my tax return, took documents to welfare, and dropped off my subsidy application.

I’m looking forward to summer. I want to grow things on my sun porch. I’m going to buy a Mexican strawberry pot and plant things in it. Possibly strawberries although I was also thinking herbs. I want to have a hanging basket of flowers. They are such little things but they would make me feel happy.

I heard Stats Canada was calling my references, so that’s encouraging!

Someone told me about a teaching job that I am going to apply for. I know the subject really well, my only trouble is not having teaching experience in an academic setting.

I have a secret! But everyone close to me knows about it. But I can’t talk about it online! Unless something radical happens with it. Secrets of the heart!

The dogs are doing well. Posey was chilly today so I had her wearing her sweater like a nerd. I tried to have a nap this afternoon but I couldn’t.

I helped my friend Emmy shoot a video today! And she paid me with an HD flip video camera! It’s just this cute little video camera and it imports super easy into a computer. So that’s handy! I may have cleaned the house just so I can make a video of my dogs.

I need to write a letter to my Grandpa. He’s deaf, and recently he has also lost his passwords to his email and facebook. So there aren’t a lot of easy ways to get a hold of him.

I’m sleepy! And it’s late! I should go to sleep!

My welfare is supposed to come today. I wonder when?? I need to buy groceries, and contact lens solution, and dog food!

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