Ha ha, awww a friend is helping me with my website, so if you got a 404 notice when you were visiting last night that’s why! They have been adding some super useful tools for me, like letting me moderate comments before they go live, and adjusting settings to avoid things like those awful TERF’s the other day. So I thank them! With any luck nothing will go sideways on this page!

In fact, I haven’t even been paying attention to site visitors until the 21st when I finally installed the visitor map/meter thing. There seem to be a lot of you, which is encouraging.

It’s Good Friday! I am doing nothing today except washing the dishes, baking a pie, and redoing my academic cv so that I am more appealing as a potential instructor. There’s a job I want to apply to and the deadline is Monday, so I figure if I do my CV today and the cover letter all weekend, I will have something decent!

Also today my film Sight is screening in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles International Women’s Film Festival. 2 Pm! Regal Cinema!

Ha ha by the time I finally hit publish on this page the screening will be over.

Things are good. The dogs are having a good time right now. It’s a crappy day weather wise tho. I’ve been playing Neko Atsume a lot. I just remodelled to sugarland or something like that but now I regret it!

I’m glad Little Mister and Posey turned out to be friends. I was worried when she was a puppy, he was kind of crabby old man get off my lawn mean to her! And he bit her ear!

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