Nerd Bird

Today I had Easter dinner with some friends from Saskatoon! I made and brought Saskatoon pie and we had a spiral cut ham and scalloped potatoes and carrots and a jello salad!

Making the pie was the most trying thing I have done in a while! First I was measuring out the flour and I got really dozy for some reason and counted out four and a half cups instead of five and a half cups and spent the rest of the time mixing that dough adding more flour yet still not the full cup. What ended up happening is when it was time to roll it out it kept coming to pieces in my hand. Finally I just pieced it all together over the pan and over the berries and hoped for the best.

It looked shitty, BUT it tasted good and the filling wasn’t runny so that’s all that matters.

My friends and I have been bonding over Neko Atsume, so we talked about the different cats we got in our yards. It’s such a ridiculously silly game but it makes me smile so I think it’s worth it.

Today I was having a conversation with my cousin over chat and said I felt like a nerd bird about a certain situation. Which I do.

Then I posted a gif of a drinking bird, you know, those little plastic dipping birds that go up and down in a drink. That’s how I feel. But nerdier!

My academic CV is a bit more polished, maybe not PERFECTO yet, but a lot better. Then tomorrow I am working on my cover letter all day. I only really have until 3:30 on Monday to finish it because then I am on my way to meet friends for dinner and then do a talk at University of Toronto. As my Mum calls it, Blab about Arty Things. It’s a long talk so I might even make notes for it. Usually I just wing it. But it would be nice to know if there are certain points I want to be sure to cover.

Ahhh hell, I don’t have much else to report in this blog. Just that it’s Easter, so happy Easter! It reminds me of my late Grandma, who would always make us Hot Cross Buns. But she made them with icing, so they were SUPER AWESOME and curranty! I’m going to try and make some tomorrow. I am a little bit daunted by the yeast having to rise twice, I’ve never personally worked with yeasty breads. But I am up for a challenge! And maybe it will help to have some of Grandma’s hot cross buns to eat while I work on my application for a job.

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