Okay so I had better do the plug for my screening tomorrow at Xart Splitta:
I have a screening tomorrow (August 8th) at Xart Splitta here in Berlin, Hasenheide 73, 10967 Berlin, Germany. It will be at 7pm and I am doing a Q and A afterwards. I’m showing some of my favourite videos, so if you are in Berlin please come!

Okay and back to regular scheduled programming. Ha ha nothing about my life is scheduled.

I have been in Berlin! It’s been super fun! I spent time with old friends and led a workshop and saw some videos and met some new people. I had issues with internet at the last place I stayed but so far this place is pretty good. I’ve been very poor, so I am being careful with my money. I haven’t really bought anything like souvenirs or anything like that. But tomorrow I am trying to get some headphones, because the short in mine is just killing them. Only one earbud works now, and the mic and controls are GONE. So oh well.

I’m missing my doggy companions something terrible. They aren’t perfect but they are mine and they give me love and I miss their fuzzy faces! BUT I will see them on Thursday when we go to pick them up, so it’s not so far away. And Little Mister got a haircut from his sitter, so he looks cute apparently.

I am trying to get to the bottom of why this website is so slow. There were about 10 updates that needed to be done, so they HAVE been done and I hope that resolves the issue with this site not loading very fast. I apologize to my regular visitors if this site has been an asshole to you. No one deserves to visit an asshole website. Hopefully these updates have fixed the problem, but if not then at least know I am aware there is a problem and am working on it, although being in Berlin I only have internet access when I am chilling at this place.

Oh by the way, I got a ticket out here on United Airlines (through Air Canada) and they not only have overseas inflight internet, THEY ALSO take visa debit cards, which is SO convenient! Ha ha there’s my plug for United. Seriously though it was a good flight experience, and there was a lot of leg room in economy. It was so much better than American Airlines.

This trip has been mostly visiting old friends when I am not doing the arty festival stuff. It’s been really nice. Tomorrow I have some free time in the day so I am going to try and see a memorial for disabled people killed by the Nazi’s. It’s supposed to be very powerful, and accessible, and I don’t think it was here the last time I was here. Mentally and physically disabled people were some of the first people to be killed by the Nazis, but this was the last memorial that was built for victims.

I went to a park with my friend on my first day here and it turned out to be the drug marketplace, which neither of us knew, but everyone was trying to sell us drugs and it was very awkward and then when we sat down for a while someone came up to us looking to buy drugs. Kind of funny! Someone else told me they saw someone famous at an AA meeting here, so I might go to an AA meeting, but then if I see someone famous I can’t tell anyone because they are anonymous. The Anonymous Famous Alcoholic.

I used to have this babysitter who was going to AA, and she would totally go then come back and tell us AA gossip because she was just like that. OMG.

In other interesting virtual things that have happened to me, the voice of Siri is now following me on Instagram. Hopefully she likes my selfies and wiener dog pictures!

Wednesday I am going home! SO SOON! But there is still time to see some cool stuff, so that’s awesome. No romance has blossomed here but that’s okay because I wasn’t expecting anything.

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