Faster? I’m not sure!

I did some more work on this website, trying to get it to load faster. 12 seconds from New York apparently! Which isn’t GREAT but was a lot better than before. I deleted a couple of plug ins that weren’t being used. I may delete my Google Analytics plugin too because I don’t think I’m really utilizing it.

Either that or change my theme. I need to do more research on optimizing this website.

Berlin was great! Had an awesome time, hung out with some cool people, briefly considered moving there.

I dunno, I often have these flights of fancy of moving to Berlin, but I don’t think I could do it. My prescriptions are paid for here because I’m status, and health care is generally free, and my family is here. It’s just that Berlin is so queer and sexy. But also I would miss the NDN’s here, and feel awkward with the NDN fetishists in Germany.

I’m SO tired! My flight back was problematic, because I got stuck in Newark for a while, until the last plane out of there, and saw so many headlines about fucked up stuff Trump was saying and doing on the tv. And the computer systems at Customs crashed twice, for about 20 minutes each time. Imagine a line up of hundreds of people waiting and connecting flights hanging in the balance. My connecting flight got cancelled because a lot of us were stuck there. BUT THEN when I finally got on a standby flight later, they bumped me up to first class! It was amazing! It was only an hour long flight but we got meals! And two drinks! And hot wet towels for our hands! It kept me from crying because by the time I was in bed it was 24 hours since I had woken up in Berlin and started heading home.

Yesterday we got the dogs. They were happy babies. Posey is sleeping next to me right now, and Little Mister is on the floor. There’s a heatwave here, it’s awful. I spray them down from time to time to cool them off, but Posey thinks it’s some kind of cruel punishment so she runs away. She’s always been very suspicious. When I was trying to teach her to sit when she was a baby I would push down on her bum, and she got so weirded out she ran away and gave me a weirded out look like I was a pervert. Bum toucher!

Anyway, it’s the third night back from Berlin and I am still REALLY tired. I guess they call this jet lag! I normally am not so tired at this hour, I stay up a while longer, but I think I gotta sleep now.

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