Lappy Ya Gotta Hang On For Me!

Ugh. Yesterday was a day of HELL and I felt like shit and I was sad all day and part of it was because I had a bad dream about my sister dying, BUT ALSO I discovered my laptop started having problems, most likely with the graphics card (which unfortunately is soldered to the logic board, which means major repairs) and so I did all kinds of things trying to resolve my problem, BUT I KNEW it was the same thing that happened to me two years ago and I had to get it replaced then too. This is just a really bad model of Macbook Pro, a 2011 which has a known issue with that. Anyway, anytime I tried to open a graphics heavy application the whole thing would crash and restart over and over for a while. iMovie, Final Cut Pro X, even freakin’ Photos! I just had to do ONE thing yesterday, which I managed at the end of the day, and that was to get a working demo video of my game and test it on VLC. I downloaded the new version of VLC and it let me test, amazing. So it works and today I mailed it off and called Apple Care and they agreed I needed to bring my laptop in so I have an appointment on Sunday.

But god, I felt so sad yesterday I wanted to cry myself to sleep. I felt better today, because my grant is in, and I have an appointment to resolve this computer issue, and because my friends and I went to Bingo and I finally got to bring out my troll doll I got through Bunz!

Tomorrow I go to Guelph, for a talk at Ed Video. It should be okay, they are installing Unity on a computer for me to show my game. I hope I have time to test it. It’s not done yet. My friend Riki offered to let me use her laptop to finish my game, I just need to make three images and cobble together my game. Like, it is SO close to being done. If I get my grant it will continue on more levels.

So after 3pm tomorrow I should be free and clear of my duties! But my train doesn’t leave until 10pm so I’m gonna hang out and check out more of the symposium. I hope they have food! 😀

So yeah. I felt shitty this morning when I woke up. But I dunno, it shifted, and went away, and turned into an actually nice fun day.

I am actually writing this from my laptop, it works with only Chrome, iTunes, and the Calendar app. I don’t know why those are okay. I tested Unity today on it, and OF COURSE it went bananas and crashed. Because that’s one of the apps I NEED to finish my game, so OF COURSE it wouldn’t work. Ugh.

But on Sunday I will have a better picture of what will happen to my poor computer. I am hoping because there were a lot of appointments available that the apple repair place will be able to get to my laptop sooner than say, the Eaton Centre apple store. I don’t know how long it takes to replace a logic board/graphics card. Supposedly it should be a free repair because they extended free repairs on that issue until the end of this year. I think if money comes into my life, like a sizeable amount, I am going to buy a new laptop. It sucks, I wish this wasn’t such a shitty model.

Ugh I have decided to have a moratorium on crushes. Ha! Probably just until my next crush. No but really I think I need to focus on myself for a while. I have a shitload of career stuff I have to work on. Like a webseries and a video, besides this video game due in two weeks. Actually that doesn’t sound like so much stuff now that I think about it. I think finishing that script has reduced my workload substantially.

Oh no, I also have to write another script (short tho!) and do a Bravo Fact grant application for it. Okay, so I am still with a whole bunch on my plate. And if this secret thing goes through then there is a MAJOR project I am going to be working hard on for a while.

But I do feel like the end is in sight! Which won’t ever really come, because there will be more to do. There is always more to do. Even when I die there will probably still be unfinished projects on my laptop. Hopefully it’s a better laptop than this one.

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