This shitty post

So my laptop is at the Apple place getting a new logic board graphics card whatever. I am accepting the challenge of living without a laptop for the four days it will take to get it fixed. I don’t like it tho. I’ve been on my phone all day, and it’s getting boring. I like my phone but the screen is so small and mobile sites are not as functional as regular sites. I named this post this shitty post because I am writing it on my phone.

Life is okay otherwise. My financial situation is slightly improved, although I still need to bring some more money into this house. I’m set for October, but I need some cash in November and December, especially since I have surgery scheduled for the end of November. So it’s a bit stress.

Not to mention student loans took money straight out of my account last Friday, sending me into a panic. I had to borrow rent money from a friend.

So I called Student Loans today and their phone system is whack and hung up on me five times in a row before I conceded defeat and vowed to try again tomorrow.

I have a video game to finish. And my laptop is being fixed. I decided four days wasn’t bad, I can do some drawings and get them scanned when it comes home. But the final deadline is approaching and I gotta finish this thing. I’m usually good with deadlines, so I am pretty sure I can do it. But you know, it’s stress.

Anyway, there’s my shitty phone post.

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