Laptop Home! :D

I have my computer back, and it is happier and faster than ever! It’s good because I’ve been getting work emails and sending back these pitiful messages saying “Is Friday okay because my laptop is in the shop?” Anyway, it’s OUT now and here and in my lap where it belongs. Of course the first thing I did was just go on Facebook, which actually wasn’t all that exciting. And also not graphics intensive which is what the laptop was having trouble with.

But I did open a few programs and test it out and it’s not going apeshit anymore. ALSO the repair place fixed the CD drive without charging me, which was so nice. In fact, they didn’t charge me at all, because Apple knows this is a problem with this model.

I found out about two possible things that will get me some money in the next couple of months. So that’s encouraging. I recently decided to try and live off of my art and being a general techy/video/film smartie/whatever. So that’s what I am doing. One thing might be a programming jury, and the other thing is showing my video game at a festival in November. So that’s very fun! I’m basically just trying to get the odd job and artist fee wherever I can. I’m going to be hearing about grants and funding early next year, so hopefully by then a small financial safety net will be catching me. I have a conference to go to in Montreal next month (which isn’t a paid gig), and I still need to write something and select what part of this video I want to show. I have to come up with a description for a possible new video on the theme of Art and Reconciliation for a possible commission next year. I still need to write a short script for a film I can apply to BravoFACT for which is more Industry/Commercial than my previous experimental stuff. AND I have this second 2 Spirit video to make to complete a Toronto Art Council grant I got. Finally a first draft of the script has been written. But it was written as a performance so now of course I have to make some changes. And then there is still some secret stuff going on that’s exciting but not official official yet.

So I’m busy, and not having my laptop made me feel very weird. I was on my phone all the time, but I couldn’t really do any serious work besides answering emails in short pitiful sentences. And of course this video game which is DUE SO SOON was on hold, basically, because I had nothing to make it with. God I even had to do an artist talk this past weekend ABOUT my video game without actually showing it except for the demo video because of this sad situation.

But enough about work. How am I?

The interesting thing about not having a laptop for a few days is that I started keeping a “sad handwritten book” also known as a diary, and it totally got me in touch with my emotions in a way that typing on here doesn’t. Like I totally started crying by the time I got to page four of this notebook. So that was interesting. I think I’m a lot more intellectual and detached when I type, even when I am typing about my own life or sad feelings I am having. And I felt a lot safer about talking of emotional things when it’s not on my laptop which could get hacked or lost or whatever. Even though this diary could also totally get lost.

The dogs are fine. I need to take them to the vet for their annual checkups, but that’s the only thing they need. They’ve got food and walkies and soft places to sleep. So they are happy.

My Mom is coming for a visit this month, so I have to keep the place clean. It will be a little stressy sharing a small space with her, but I think it will be okay, and I can always come to the living room and sleep on the couch.

Ahh hell I better go do some work. Anyway, that’s all for now.

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