Fake News

Ha ha this really isn’t about Fake News I just wanted to see if it would get more visits.

Back to my boring life!

So it’s Day 3 of restricted Facebook use. I am currently staying off of it between the hours of 9-5 Monday to Friday. Which is giving me better work habits. I did a lot of work in the last two days. I’m pretty happy with that. Monday when I finally opened up Facebook at 5 I wasn’t too disappointed, like I didn’t feel I missed a lot, and I still felt there were other more worthwhile things to do like read a book. And do dishes. Basic living things, you know.

But it’s DAY 3 and I’m starting to jones. I know I’m gonna get back on at 5. It’s not really awful, it’s not like I can’t see it at all, and it’s only 3 hours away. BUT STILL I am all tempted to log back in and be satiated by ridiculous stuff. But I know it would harm my productivity, and it would probably make me angry and sad again. And I don’t want to make a totally innocent ridiculous status and get a whole bunch of unsolicited advice anymore. “I like pinecones!” “Have you tried them with butter, here are 50 recipes!” Or horrible news “These animals were abused, and here’s a picture!” Thanks Dog Lovers page, that’s totally not traumatizing at all! Or 60 people talking about Donald Dump and what crappy things fell out of his mouth today. I already watched CBC News Network I don’t need to read the same thing 60 different ways.

So I don’t know why I’m still drawn to opening an FB window in my browser. Habit I guess!

Habits are hard to break. I almost wonder if deleting my whole FB would be worth it, so I can’t go back.

Then again a lot of people seek me out for work related things there. And I talk to my cousin Deanna on chat there all the time, since they basically killed off Microsoft Messenger and it’s the only thing besides Skype. And she won’t go on Snapchat.

Anyway! I should get back to my work work. That I can actually make money from. Instead of talking about FB on my blog, which I will probably post on FB when I finally go back on in 3 hours.

The things I DO like about FB are: I can reach out to friends easily, I can look at pictures of crushes and my friend’s cute dogs, I follow some funny meme pages which are basically my favourite things to repost, and I can keep in touch with far away friends like my friends in Berlin and stuff, AND I get work requests on FB which I would miss out on if I wasn’t there.

And for those reasons I probably won’t completely cut out my FB use for a while still.

One thought on “Fake News

  1. Hey, it’s cool. Like anything it’s not the thing but the overdoing part that’s bad. Everything in the entire universe is bad if you have to much of it. Even normally good things.

    So, set some limits and live with them until it’s second nature.

    I think the attraction is the normal thing that we all have of wanting to do something easy when things get hard. You have to ask yourself if ten years in the future and you look back at the past ten years, you want to see what you’ve done. Will it be a feature film or will it be that you were on Facebook a lot?

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