I am so tired of that tall Oompa Loompa

I boycotted watching the inauguration today. Of course now I am watching CBC News Network and they are showing all the highlights interspersed with the violent portions of demonstrations. Which is ALSO tiresome. Like what was the point of boycotting it if I keep seeing highlights?

I’m not sure how I feel about the oncoming few years. I’m not American, but being Canadian means I’m right next to this shit show.

And I remember how awful the Bush years were, and how I went manic TWICE during the last time Republicans were in power. And that was a drag. I mean it was a really tumultuous time with the start of the SECOND Iraq war and all the global paranoia after 9/11. It kind of makes sense that I would have gone manic during all that.

And here we are, ten years after I started going manic the last time. And a Republican is taking office again. And this one is so unqualified, so unstable. I’m sure shit is gonna go down in the next few days. And I’m also curious if the POTUS twitter is gonna be really unprofessional and whiney on Sunday after the first SNL since he takes office. Is he gonna keep picking twitter fights, just with a bigger twitter audience?

But that’s not even the really concerning thing, it’s more what he’s going to do to his country and the world. And I am not psychic enough to see the full ramifications, but I know enough to know it’s bad.

Being sane for the next four to eight years is going to be a struggle. I can tell!

So I have to keep a little bit of a distance from things. The Canadian part makes it slightly easier. But there’s always fallout over here too. I can’t do protests involving lots of crowds, because I get panic attacks in large groups of people. I’m not exactly sure my abilities to resist this stuff. I guess I can just support people. But I don’t want to start writing long rants all the time about the orange dude and get freaked out and watch my mental health go downhill. I don’t want to get depressed either, just get apathetic and feel hopeless about the world.

I still think there are good things that are coming, not from Trump obviously, but from communities. I think there are surprises we don’t know about. I think people can still be loving and resist. I think there are legitimate reasons he could conceivably be impeached very soon.

But right now I’m just tired of Mr. Cheeto being on TV. I think I might have to go watch some Netflix for the rest of the day.

I have been productive all week! I’m pretty happy about that. I really want to work hard this year, no matter what is going on in the world.

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