Wow, Nazi Defenders

So the last week in politics has been a shit show. I think all the executive orders Trump has signed are too numerous to count. I don’t even know what to say about all of that anymore, except it’s fucking scary and I hope we can all help each other.

One brief fun meme that popped out of the shit was a certain Nazi “leader” getting punched. My friends have been posting so many Nazi punching memes and videos, which was the bright spot in an otherwise dark week.

But HOLY SHIT! I posted one of the videos which used Burn Your Village To The Ground by A Tribe Called Red and one of my “friends” watched it and wrote a long comment about how violence was bad blah blah blah. So then I just wrote a one sentence comment about how the person being punched was advocating for genocide.

And then I went to the movies because I have a life outside of fucking Facebook!

And when I got back there was a huge “pacifist” shit show on that post all about how violence is terrible even towards Nazis. And I had to respond because it was my post so I basically said I agree with punching Nazis and that if someone was gloating to me about “ethnically cleansing” my country I would punch them too. But holee shit! These two white girls got SO FUCKING MAD AT ME and were sending me these bullshit articles about how people of colour have a duty to befriend Nazi’s and the KKK so they will stop being racist and how if you punch Nazis what’s next? Throwing Nazi’s in gas chambers? So holy fuck! It was really disheartening and I had to unfriend both of them because they were really incessant and I think neutrality in the face of Fascism is really a BAD WAY of dealing with it. Like honestly, white ideas like that are why people step aside and look the other way when their neighbours are being loaded into cattle cars.

And then of course today is the Holocaust Remembrance Day, so we know where ideas like that go, but there are still whiny white people who want us to try and reason with these monsters. Gross.

PLUS, come on, my ancestors took up arms against the Canadian government. Do you really think their descendants would look the other way in the face of violent genocidal oppression?

So last night (they were from Saskatchewan of course so the time difference meant it went on really late in the night) I had a shitty sleep, and I was having nightmares about these white chicks yelling at me, and I think I woke up about four times in the night. UGH!

Plus I forgot to pick up my prescription last night, so I went to sleep missing .5 mg of Risperidone and that probably ALSO made a big change to my shitty shitty sleep.

The funny thing is, I was doing really good restricting my access to facebook last week, but this past week I kind of started slipping back into old patterns of checking it frequently. Which I think I should try nipping in the bud again.

BUT I still don’t have the app on my phone, and that was really awesome because everytime I’ve been out having a life or sleeping or doing necessary things away from my dumb laptop, I am not getting like, 14 notifications from someone who wants me to go meet a Nazi for coffee and make them like me.

Like fuuuuuuuuuck I can’t even get a queer woman to go on a date with me, how the fuck am I supposed to get someone to like me who honestly believes I should be eliminated? AND more than that, why would I? Why is it my responsibility? Why aren’t these pacifist white girls seeking out Nazis and skinheads to convert to being decent human beings? Could it be because they know those fuckers are violent and dangerous?

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