Orgasm Intensity

One side effect of one of my medications (not the FSH meds, the prolactin lowering Ergot derived med) is increased orgasm intensity. I was kind of like “Yah right!” cause that just sounds too good to be true.

But then last night I was exhausted and in bed early but kind of flipping and flopping so I decided to have an orgasm because that’s usually what I do when I can’t sleep. AND HOLY SHIT! Omg. First off, it was a fucking LONG orgasm. Like I’m usually a few seconds, but this went on for a while, not like crazy crazy long like an Annie Sprinkle half hour orgasm. But like, a noticeable increase, maybe 30 seconds. ALSO I swear I saw a colour when I came. I only saw a colour while I was having sex once before, and it was when I was fisting one of my favourite girlfriends. I remember I saw this light sweet pink. But this orgasm was not pink, it was like an electric blue shooting across the sky. It was kind of crazy! I was like woah.

Again tho I kind of wish I had a partner because these orgasms would be fun to share with someone else. I mean I’m fine taking things into my own hands. But you know.

My meeting yesterday went well, I felt like I was handling my hormones pretty well. But then when I got home I got SO TIRED. Like I just crashed, a crazy amount of crashing. I should have just gone to bed at 9:30, but I wanted to make my spaghetti before I slept. Ugh. I’m glad that’s done.

Anyway, I have writing all this week, and I’m going to try concentrating on that. I usually write after 1pm. I don’t know why that’s my schedule but it is. I’m going to be finishing this draft of my script. I did a lot already, but I’m making another couple of passes over it this week to change some of the dialogue to make it more individual, and resolving some other problems, making it more visual. It helped doing programming this weekend because we’ve been watching films and I’m like, noticing so much how important the beginning is to hooking people, especially to get into festivals. Like there were so many films that really needed to get to the good shit right away and were kind of lingering on extraneous things that weren’t helping their case. It’s interesting to be a filmmaker and also a curator/programmer because it really shows you what works and what doesn’t.

Anyway, that’s gonna be my week! Also obviously doing some mornings at the fertility clinic. They open at 7am, and to be honest it’s better to get there early, especially since my blood tests always take so long. I’m glad I get someone else to do the shot tomorrow. I mean I assume, maybe they’ll just send me home with my new prescription and instructions tho. Its not so hard doing the shots. I learned that you need to inject air into the saline vial to get the fluid out. It was driving me crazy the first time because it was like, creating a vacuum, and then sucking the saline back into the vial over and over. Anyway, THAT’s fixed. So it should be fine now. I realized I wasn’t alcohol wiping the vials tho so I have to remember to do that. I do have the video she let me take of how to mix. I was worried for a while it needed to be a subcutaneous injection and not an intramuscular, but then I saw a couple other videos and realized they would have given me a shorter needle and a different place to inject if it wasn’t intramuscular. The needle this morning was fine. Yesterday I was nervous and my hands shook. It hurt more today than yesterday though. Anyway, I’m sure it’s the reason I get so sleepy later in the day.

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