Endocrine Diseases

So I’m back in Toronto. I had to do work days when I got back, and then I had to go to the dentist yesterday, and today was the vet. The vet visit is not quite done, she took blood and urine samples because she suspects he has an endocrine disease like diabetes, cushings, thyroid disease, or even kidney disease. I’m hoping its something that is manageable and treatable. He’s still a bouncy happy kind of guy, wags his tail a lot. I know he’s not suffering but I’m still feeling I’ll be saying a goodbye this year. I love him so much and he’s been a constant companion since I was 28. That’s a long time. Like 12 years with him, he’s 13 now. He’s seen me through some rough times and helped me survive. So whatever happens I want him to keep his dignity and be properly cared for.

He was so scared at the vet’s office today. He was shaking and panting. Awww my poor boy. He’s fine now that he’s home. Having a snooze, which is what I should do too because I feel so tired. I gave him some wet food when we got home so he could have a treat.

He’s over 18 pounds now! That’s so big! I thought maybe he was losing weight because he’s been on a diet the last month. But it could also be weight gain related to one of these diseases.

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say about him right now. They are gonna call me later with results and next steps. I should have a nap so I can listen properly.

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