One shirt does not fit

So I have been ordering button up shirts to update my wardrobe to a fancier place, where I can look good without wearing the same red shirt over and over. ANYWAY so far they all fit except the one I am wearing today. And it’s not my tits that are causing trouble, it’s my stomach, it’s just belt popping button gaping BIG! ARG!

It probably sounds dumb to want to exercise so I can lose weight and fit this ONE shirt. But I still DO want to lose weight and fit this shirt. I don’t know why it’s so hard to just BUY a new shirt. Ha ha anyway, I could only exercise tonight if I do go to boxing, because the rest of the week things are happening or I am out of town. I dunno. I had some food, I might still have the energy at 6 to work out. It would be the first time going since I broke my foot, months ago, and I am nervous about that. I’d probably skip the footwork.

What else? Little Mister is okay, but we are going to the ophthalmologist on Thursday morning to get his eyes looked at and find out what is going on. Most of his tests came back perfectly normal, no diabetes, no addison’s. He had higher cortisol so it still COULD be cushings but also he’s fine otherwise. He might be going blind in one eye though. And there could be many reasons for that, including brain stuff. So he’s gonna get checked out.

FUCK I hate this new text editor on WordPress. It puts something over top of my writing that makes it difficult to read and type. I need to find the plug in to make it go away.

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