Trans Timeline Check in

Monday will be 38 weeks on testosterone! I like making these posts cause I can more accurately see changes over time.

First of all, my voice is different! It’s just getting lower and lower and really fascinates me when I’m talking. I made a recording last year and then one on Wednesday, so you can hear the difference.

Also my face, I dunno, I guess it’s different? I also lost weight on T, so that could be making a difference.

Pre Testosterone and at 37 weeks on T
This is a comparison to show how testosterone changed my face

I’ve also been building more muscle but I feel awkward about trying to show it here ha ha. My muscles are getting bigger though! I’ll try to get some cute pics when I’m on vacation maybe.

Facial hair is still MIA. And my Dad said he didn’t try to grow a beard until he was 30, so it could be a LONG WAY AWAY still. If it ever comes.

BUT also bear in mind that I started at a very low dose, and only got to my top dose a few weeks ago. So I don’t know how that has impacted my timeline.

ALSO I am probably holding off on muscle pics of my torso until I get top surgery. Because there’s PROBABLY pecs under there, but I can’t see it yet. I do know my stomach is still very soft but I can feel muscle under it now. And I can do sit-ups finally! Maybe I will make a video of doing sit-ups and pull-ups when I can do a pull-up too. It is a goal of mine for sure! I didn’t really think too much about what it would be like to have upper body strength until my personal trainer got me to do a sit-up a couple weeks ago. But it’s nice! Things feel lighter too when I am carrying them.

Anyway I am really happy with my transition so far, even tho the only extra hair I have gotten is nose and ass hair.

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