New York Times Mention!

I was gonna add this to my last post but then I realized “This Sucks” and a link to the NY Times might look shady! Anyway! I got a mention in the New York Times in a review for the Indian Theater show I am in. They said:

“Over four brief autobiographical pieces, Theo Jean Cuthand travels a path from lesbian to trans male identity with buzzing enthusiasm.”

So sweet! It’s true I am enthusiastic about my transition journey ha ha!

You can read it here!

And yeah I know the issues with New York Times and their coverage of trans people and especially gender affirming care for youth. Which if you don’t know about I would encourage you to read up on in regards to some damaging propaganda pieces that were published in the past which have been quoted in state legislatures to advance banning gender affirming health care against medical evidence of it being a good practice. Sorry that is such a long sentence!

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