Poverty also Not Poverty also Hyperfocusing on my Video Game

Lumpy Space Princess and her can of beans
My beans!

I am in this weird twilight period of being poor but also expecting thousands of dollars to be deposited. It’s coming I swear to god! Today I walked to the corner store and got two cans of beans so I have something to eat with my wieners, and I remembered Lumpy Space Princess and her beans. One time when I was also poor (ha ha funny how common that experience is for me) I was partying with this guy I met through his girlfriend I was Livejournal friends with and we were up all night (on drugs) and then walked to the gas station to get something to eat and he like, bought a can of kidney beans. That is poor! I also ate those kidney beans. Poor people.

But these beans are great (also baked beans which is better than kidney beans) and also amazing because I will eventually have access to enough money to get groceries. But I checked my old emails and the last time I got a TAC grant approval in Dec, it didn’t get deposited until late January. AHHHH fuck. I mean for tax reasons maybe that’s good, but also my accountant knows how to transfer a grant to the following year so it kind of doesn’t matter. Ahhh did I pay his retainer? Shit I should check!

I am getting closer to releasing my video game. I have three things to do: Fix the credits, get App notarized by Apple, and make an app Icon so it is more visible as an app than that little blank App icon you automatically get. I know how to do the credits but I don’t know how to do the other two things. But I’m gonna learn I guess! The same as all the other technical things I had to relentlessly google to solve.

I took a break to go do work and I’m happy to say there is now an app icon for my game, and also I’m on the way to figuring out how to get this notarized, and also the credits are done! I just need to import these files again and replace the old files and then also figure out how to use these Unity DevOps tools to finish notarizing. And then build my app and test it and see if I can break it. I kind of don’t worry about glitchy things. Like I think you might be able to kill someone if you get to the door before the stake gets to you, which I have done accidentally. It’s a good trick I’m not pressed about it. That person just shows up again when you come back to the level. I also need to make the door triggers smaller so you don’t get automatically sucked in so easily. BUT I think after that it’s ready. I missed the Halloween window of releasing a game, but hopefully some people want to buy their loved one a weird video game for Christmas or Hanukkah. It’s not gonna be ready for Hanukkah though. BUT maybe Christmas.

I honestly thought making the app icon would be too hard, but it was ridiculously easy. Just like the other day when I put captions on some videos and also discovered that was easy. This is the icon:

Carmilla the Lonely icon, a fanged feminine mouth with red lipstick
My App Icon!

I think it looks awesome. Originally I was going to go with Carmilla’s Head, but I think the fangs look way better. The fangs were the first things I drew for the game. And they only show up on the start/quit scene. And also more immediately identifiable as a Vampire mouth. Also it’s a sexy vampire mouth. Also the design is just really nice. ALSO I just hope it makes people want to play it. I think my Bipolar Journey video game got taken offline, so I think I’m going to try and do a new release of that in an easier place to download. Also I can also finally make an app icon for it which would be nice.

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