My Family is Growing!

I’ve got a puppy coming! Next Monday I’m gonna pick up my new dog, tentatively named Todd after Todd Haynes, my fave director. He’s a cute little brown sable boy and so pretty and I met him last night and he was so small and sweet, but I don’t get my grant until Friday so I had to move Gotcha day to next Monday. PLUS I have a bunch of things to do this weekend out of the house and it wouldn’t be fair for Baby Todd to be left alone that much so young. But after that I am spending more time at home to be with Baby Todd and teach him things he needs to know. I am hoping Posey gets along with him and learns to share my affection again, like she did when Little Mister was alive. She’s seemed to like being an only dog but also I remember when my Furbo worked I would see her cuddling with Little Mister when I was out of the house and now she has no one to cuddle with when I am gone. So I think she would also like a new friend.

I ordered some other things I need for him and now it’s just a matter of puppy proofing the house. I gotta figure out how to hide these wires. Or make them not so appealing. I am gonna try and have lots of things for him to chew on. And I gotta make sure Posey still feels loved.

To be honest I think part of the reason I waited so long to get another dog was because I was hoping a partner would show up and want to move in and already had a dog. But ALSO the timing just wasn’t great. I was traveling a lot, expecting to do lots of work, etc. But with my name change going through I’m not going anywhere for a while. So that’s ok, I can raise my little boy to be a good dog citizen. He’s so small I think his first jacket is gonna be a cut up sock. I’m nervous I will squish him so I’m gonna have to be careful keeping track of where he’s hanging out. Also Posey goes under the couch all the time so he probably will too and I gotta make sure nothing bad is under there.

AND ALSO I just discovered a lump on Posey’s face today, near her ear. She’s going to see the vet next week anyway but now they will probably also have to do a biopsy. Hopefully it’s just a weird old dog lump. Most dog lumps tend to be not an issue. Little Mister had a lipoma for a number of years that never did anything bad to him except make him feel lumpy. But I gotta check!

I also got my nails done on the weekend which was exciting. I was putting it off because I wanted more masculine dude points with naked hands. BUT whatever I like pretty sparkly things AND I’m a boy ok sue me for wanting to be pretty. Ha ha ha.

I think I wrote here about a realization earlier in my transition when I realized thinking I looked ugly before was my dysphoria talking because I was wanted to be more dude shaped than I was for most of my life. And now that I’ve transitioned further and had top surgery and feel more comfortable in my body, I notice I get a lot of attention on apps and stuff. Which is nice! SOMETIMES anyway (when it’s not unwanted or from weirdos). I mean I am sure some of them are chasers. But also a lot of them just call me handsome or hot and stuff and it feels genuine in a way. And there’s someone I like who calls me a hunk which is always super sweet to hear.

It might also be that I’m more confident now. Also I did get a gym habit last year, and started doing boxing classes again. So that’s fun! I actually never thought I would like exercising. I hated P.E. when I was a kid/teen. It was always learning how to play competitive sports which I suck at because I’m a loser and hate that feeling ha ha. But just doing weight lifting and cardio is cool, and testosterone made my body change which was amazing to watch. And boxing is fun because I do recreational boxing so I’m not actually whaling on someone. And I’m not putting myself at risk of head injuries. Plus I bought gloves a while back and finally get to use them.

My facial hair is doing a thing, but so so so wispy that I’ve been shaving it off more frequently. It’s just like, mostly in the places I was hoping it would be, but it’s just thin still. And I don’t like putting on make up on it because I still mask in some places like public transit and I don’t want it to smudge my face up. It could still be coming! I will probably throw a party the first time I notice one of them turns into a terminal hair.

I’m excited that Posey and I get to have a new friend move in. Todd! He might end up with a different name but when I met him he seemed like a Todd. Plus I already ordered his name tag, so he better be a Todd! He was so calm and sweet and friendly. I’m looking forward to the challenge of raising a puppy again.

PLUS He was born exactly TEN years to the day that Posey was born. So what does that mean?! They have the exact same birthday. I hope it means they were meant to be sibs. But also Little Mister was a Taurus and I am a Taurus and Posey is a Scorpio and now there’s gonna be TWO Scorpios in my house, the balance has shifted! Water sign dogs. And I’m dating a water sign. So many water signs!! My sister is one too so that’s probably why I like them. My Dad is ALSO a Scorpio. OMFG that’s a lot. My mom is an Earth sign so that is grounding.

Ha ha do you want to hear the cutest water sign story I have? When my sister was a kid she used to practice crying. Like she would get a mirror and look in it and make herself look sad. And then she would GET sad because she looked SO SAD that she would start crying for real. Ha ha omg.

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