Name and Gender Changes Ongoing

I did my driver’s license and healthcard name and gender change this week. The guy at Service Ontario was super nice and patient and we were even on hold with his higher ups while he made sure all my documentation was in order. I had my change of name certificate and a letter from my doctor and a letter from me about what I was doing. And we took a new photo for both cards and I renewed my driver’s license which was going to expire in April anyway. So that’s coming in March. I also changed my name this morning with CRA, which was easy because only my first name changed. And even my first name has the first two letters the same so it’s not a huge change.

I called Indian Affairs (it’s something else now but if they still call me an Indian I’m still calling them Indian Affairs) and found out I need current photo ID. So I’m not sure about my current driver’s license since it’s in my old name AND I have the temporary name one but I said I would call back when I have my new driver’s license. So I can’t change that yet.

I looked into my SIN name and I have to have my birth certificate and photo ID so I’m going to wait until I have my driver’s license and birth certificate.

When I have my driver’s license and birth certificate I can finally get my passport. I had my guarantor fill out their section on my passport application yesterday, so THAT is done.

I was super anxious about the EIGHT weeks it seemed to take to do birth certificates since the last time I checked it was only applications received the beginning of December that were being processed. But this morning I checked and it jumped to applications received the beginning of January, which is only five weeks. So I am hopeful that the birth certificate stuff will have sped up enough that I get it at the beginning of March.

As soon as I can get my passport and know my money situation, I would be able to buy a plane ticket to my birthday vacation which I am hoping to spend in New York Citay! I just really love New York City and in the springtime especially is so lovely. Plus New York is BRUTAL in the summer, so like April/May is ideal visiting time.

Also I do a lot of work in the USA and this whole name change thing put that on hold. BUT it’s really not taking as long as I thought. I knew of someone else who did a name change that seemed to take months and months. And this process is taking months BUT ALSO I only got the name change process started mid November and it’s now early February and I’m already almost ready to do my passport. So it’s pretty exciting. I’m going to totally kiss my passport when I get it ha ha.

Todd the puppy is fine but BITEY and he keeps aggravating his sister Posey by barking at her when she’s trying to chew a cow ear and it just gets right up her nose and gets her riled up. I keep having to separate them sometimes so they can eat/chew in peace. BUT overall the family is gelling more. Posey does like to play with Todd and I never saw her play much with Little Mister, so this is kind of sweet. And even when she gets angry snappy, I can tell she is holding herself back because she knows Todd is just a baby. He’s just a bad baby! This evening he got stuck under a box and I was on the toilet so I looked up and this cardboard box was RUNNING towards me! It was so funny, I’m really glad Todd is such a clown. Little Mister was also really funny, so it’s nice to have another little canine comedian in the house.

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